The active ingredient within Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) roots is only present in miniscule amounts. Therefore, products that contain 'Tongkat Ali' just isn't going to do the job. Hence only buy Tongkat Ali root extract products.

An extract is defined as a concentrated form of the herb obtained by mixing the crude herb with an appropriate solvent such as alcohol or water. Tongkat Ali extract from the alcohol-based solvent normally consist of varieties of chemical substances. In the long run the consumption of these alcohol-based extract might stress and damage the liver. Whereas  Tongkat Ali extract preparation formulated with water as a solvent prevails more suitable with lesser Quassinoids substance and does not damage the liver.

How to Prepare wild Tongkat Ali roots

Water Method:

Local method for consuming the raw longjack roots.

1.Cut off about 3-5 gm (1/10th to 1/6th Oz) and break into little pieces

2.Soak in a glass of water (about 300 ml glass) for 3-12 hours. 3 hours is minimum, 12 for maximum effect

3.Bring soaked water to slow boil, and keep boiling for at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes

4.Drink the boiled water directly or use it to make coffee or tea. Some prefer to mix it with orange juice.

5.Drink 2-3 glasses a day, drink at least 4 hours before bed. Do not drink before bed, otherwise you will find it difficult to sleep.

6.Do not throw away the used roots after first use. Add new tongkat ali roots (also known as long jack) to the old roots to make a new drink. Keep using until the roots when chewed on don't taste bitter.

It is not recommended to consume too much more than recommended dosage. This is a natural supplement, not a drug, but it is a very powerful testosterone booster.

The meaning of Tongkat Ali in English is Ali (common Indonesian man's name) walking stick or Ali support.

The above method of consumption is used as a health tonic. As the extract is 1:1 you may not actually feel any benefits.

Recommended use and dosage Tongkat Ali Extract concentrate  1:200 @ 300Mg (TA 200)

Our recommendation is to go on a 3 days 'On' cycle follow by a 4 days 'Off' cycle when you first start. This means you take our Tongkat Ali extract supplement for 3 days and then stop taking it for 4 days. Take just 1 300mg capsule every morning. After the 4 'Off days', you resume the cycle again. We recommend you change the cycle and move up an extra day after every month till you achieve the 5 day on and 2 days off cycle. Recommend on the 5 month cycle you take 2 capsules in the morning.

After 6 months you may go on a 7 days 'On' cycle follow by 3 days 'Off' cycle. Or a 10 days 'On' cycle follow by 4 days 'Off' cycle.


People react differently to Tongkat Ali extract. Most get great results with our recommended dosage. Others may need more. This depends on the body weight. It is common for some to consume double the recommended dosage to achieve more pronounced effect.

We recommend you start with the recommended dosage and then move up according to how you feel and what you wish to achieve. The fact is no nutritional supplement works right away. It take time for the body to replenish, build and restore itself up with any herb.  Best is to stick with our recommendation above and do some light physical exercise as well, especially if you are over 40. Our recommended exercise is 60% light weight repetition and 40% cardiovascular (Brisk walking)

Recommended Dosage

  1. Take minimum 1 capsules per day during the 1st cycle. than move to 2 capsules per day on the 4 week.

  2. You may take up to 4 capsules or up to 10 per day if you are training up for body mass.

  3. Tongkat Ali comes with little or no side effects for most people these level... extremely low.

  4. Tongkat ali extract seem to reach a peak after the four to six days with clinching sexual satisfaction.


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